Class Reflection!

Overall, my experience in the class was incredibly positive, and of all the four hundred-level classes I could have selected to take, I’m really glad it was this one. The freeform class style was super interesting and felt incredible to be a part of. I have never had a class where I had so much influence over what was discussed, discussed, assigned, and graded. Each assignment had a fun twist, and they felt like work; they were purely fun projects that kept me engaged and interested in what we discussed.

I think of all the incredible assignments my favorite one had to be the misinformation meme assignment. I thought there was a ton of incredibly enjoyable meme, plus we truly broke down what being a meme actually meant. It’s something I had never truly considered before, and it was eye-opening, to say the least. I think I have become so used to developments on the internet that I forget to stop and think about them. This class reminded me of the importance of stopping to analyze the digital world I have become all too accustomed to. Even though the meme assignment was my favorite, I still really enjoyed the others, particularly the Propaganda Campaign and AI generator assignments.

There were a ton of memorable discussions that have stuck with me, but to just list a few:
– Dolphin in the Coffeehouse
– Mildly Dystopian AI world
– What in the world is going on with TikTok?
– The freakout over Martian Invasion
– Wha is Information?

This class was incredible to be in, and I can’t speak that enough. Thanks for a great semester everyone!

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