Catherine the Great: A Popular History of Misinformation

Meme created on March 21st using!

When I saw this Misinformation assignment, for some strange reason, my mind jumped to the rumors spread about one of the most important Russian rulers: Catherine the Great. Both during her reign and afterward, a multitude of rumors surrounding her character and sexuality were spread to diminish her power and affect public perception of her. One of those rumors–which my meme is centered around–makes a claim that Catherine the Great died during intercourse with a horse. The rumor stands that she had a horse harnessed and lifted into the air so that she could engage in bestiality, and unfortunately for Catherine, the harness broke and the horse crushed her. Fun Fact: She died of a stroke, not by horse crushing.

I created this meme using a stock photo of a horse found online and an online meme-creating website called I did not want to create something that was blatant; instead, I opted for a more subtle joke that a person would have to be in the know to know, yanno! It uses the horse’s perspective to add a comedic layer to the joke and, overall, was really fun to make! I really like creating comedy and attempting my hardest to be funny so this was a really cool assignment to engage with!


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