Endorsement and Proposal

Of the different assignments that people proposed, I would have to say that helping with the digital site for the alumni and the propaganda campaign are my favorites. I feel that helping with the digital site would be a great project during the fourth section of the class, as it has us working with modern forms of information systems. As for the propaganda campaign, I feel like this could fit into sections three, four, or five, depending on the type of lenses we would look through to create the campaign.

Another assignment that I have been thinking about is the comparison of micro-information exchange systems and much larger information systems. I think this could be done by dividing the class into three major groups that would each produce an infographic. One focused on micro-exchange systems between atoms, bacteria, or cells. Another could analyze human information exchange systems, and the final would analyze much larger information exchange systems like gravity, wind, currents, or other natural phenomena. We could then compare infographics and see if there are fundamental similarities between information exchange systems! This would be content driven and allow for researching into a variety of topics and would probably fit into the fifth section of the class.

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