My Introduction!

Howdy Ho! I never know how to start an introduction, so I’ll keep it simple. Hi, my name is Garrett, and I’m currently a Junior at the University of Mary Washington. I see many people who flamboyantly represent this school and constantly take pictures of different locations around campus, but that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong. I love this campus. I’m just not going to post about it on social media 6 times a week. I’m a super nerd who spends most of my free time playing or prepping for my next Dungeons and Dragons game, watching silly animation, and just lollygagging the days away.

Honestly, I’m taking this class because it fulfills a few different requirements, including a 400-level history class (I’m a history major), and gives me enough honor credits so that I don’t have to get another warning email about my status as an honor student. I’m still excited about the course, and after the first class, I think my excitement grew a few sizes that day. My partner is a communications major, and the study of this period will help me be a more informed participant when they talk with me about her classes.

After quickly scanning through the past assignments, my heart fell in love with the idea of creating a propaganda machine for the great and mighty King Candy, whose radical ideas would shape the future of Candy Land as we know it. I love, love, love, love studying and creating political/government representatives (it’s part of why I love Dungeons and Dragons). The advice that made me giggle and stuck out to me was to “Reserve your HCC space WAY ahead of time.” I almost always forget to reserve a space but this semester my goal is use the HCC more than I have been.

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